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Little Reaper Mort

Soft Launch

💡Platform – Android

The description of Little Reaper Mort (by GamingSense)

Help mischievous Mort. He’s gotten himself into another mess! Thrilling adventure awaits you in this new 2D fighting game with role-playing elements!

Death’s young apprentice has accidentally let loose Apocalypse, the most dangerous and terrible demon of all, the incarnation of madness itself and the Council of Eternity’s enemy number one! That Mort! When will he learn? Now you must find the demon and seal him back inside a bottle in the vortex of the well of time, where he is running amok and wreaking havoc, before it is too late.
Immerse yourself in a fascinating tale of adventure, level up your character, battle monsters with superattacks, and use your brains and brawn in battle! Fortune will smile on you, have no doubt!

Onward! To save humanity!

Little Reaper Mort
Little Reaper Mort
Little Reaper Mort
Little Reaper Mort

– Enjoy a thrilling story and beautiful graphics. This game is action-packed!
– The wide variety of ways to power up your character will surprise you. All you have to do is choose!
– Fight in dynamic battles and choose a unique strategy for every combat situation!
– Use the coolest fighting techniques. Your arsenal: superattacks, combos, and collections.
– Take on terrifying monsters, bosses, and superbosses.
– Team up with other players and friends in cooperative PvE mode.
– Test your agility in quick time events.

Little Reaper Mort
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