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Lockspin Legends

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Lockspin Legends (by Dark Matter Oy)

Lockspin Legends is a brand new RPG, combining the excitement of classic games of luck with intense RPG battles. Assemble a team of powerful heroes and battle fearsome bosses. Spin and lock the elemental reels to charge your attacks and unleash devastating attacks onto your enemies. It’s the perfect mix of luck and strategy!

Become a spin master!
Spin and lock the reels for a tactical edge over your opponent. Bolster your strategy using elemental combos to charge up your heroes, and increase your attack or defence. The spinner decides the outcome of the battle, so challenge the odds by locking the spinners for a tactical advantage.

Lockspin Legends

Master the elements!
Guide your heroes through epic battles with tactical use of the elements. Lock the spinners on the correct elements to exploit enemy weaknesses and become a master of the battlefield in encounters with hordes of enemies and intense boss battles. May the luck of the elements be with you!

Lockspin Legends

Collect Legendary Heroes!
You’re the boss of a fearsome team of legendary RPG heroes. Recruit the best heroes for each level with the best synergizing power-ups to maximize your tactical battle strategy! Use the spinner to charge up your heroes and activate their skills. Feel the thrill as your heroes become more powerful with each new level.

Lockspin Legends

Embark on an Epic Adventure!
Be the king of your own destiny! Embark on a unique hero-collecting RPG adventure through different worlds, defeating waves of enemies and bosses along the way. But be warned, spin master! If you fall in battle, you need to start all over again!

Lockspin Legends

– The Spinner, a unique battle mechanic that allows you to try your luck and perfect your strategy for better attack combos by locking and rerolling the spins! Become the king of the spinner!
– Build the perfect team of legendary heroes to crush your enemies!
– Random and unique power-ups to help you defeat the upcoming waves of enemies.
– Master elemental attacks to exploit enemy weaknesses and become the king of the battlefield!

Lockspin Legends is a free fantasy game with a unique take on role playing games (RPG), and tactical battlers, combining epic turn-based boss battles and hero collection – all of that topped with the thrill of spinners. Become a spin master and build your way to victory one spin at a time!

Lockspin Legends
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