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Loki’s Castle

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Loki’s Castle (by Sticky Brain Studios)

Single-celled Loki just loves to make friends! But Phis, the ridiculous monster is more than standoffish…he’s downright RUDE. Rude and unnecessarily evil.

Solve the mysteries of the deep in this cute puzzle game! Play as Loki, eternally optimistic and friendly gelatinous single cell-about-town. Loki loves to make friends, getting slightly too close, occasionally leaping on them, and absorbing their abilities. As all shapeshifters do.

But the reviled and, frankly, poorly accessorized Phis will do anything to stop Loki from discovering the secret of multi-cellular life!

Discover the mystical wonders of these deep-sea beings:

The Kliques – you know they are judging you as they whisper amongst themselves. Join them at your peril

Cyto, who doesn’t like to be touched, THANKYOUVERYMUCH, and perhaps had too much coffee this morning

Loki's Castle

Sprink – swapping tales and likely DNA as it shoots…stuff

Strepto will shock Loki back to reality. Well, *this* version of reality

Loki's Castle

Walsby, who shows opposition defiance tendencies, like all willful young beings, including possibly the children of totally fictitious game development teams. Walsby can be moved if you’re patient. Or armed.

Rick, who, you know, does what Ricks do

Loki's Castle

The steam vents, which aren’t nearly as relaxing as they sound but may propel you to success

Slime mold tiles, which actually *are* more fun than they sound

The cracks of doom, which are as brittle as the biggest ego

Loki's Castle
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