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Loop Knight:Endless Adventure

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Loop Knight:Endless Adventure (by Colorful Tec)

The night deepens. Liches awaken amid the darkness and creep into your dreams while you are sound asleep, binding your soul in an endless dreamscape.
You are walking in circles in the barren dreamscape, battling and strengthening yourself as you seek a way to break out of this place. The endless dreams, the layers upon layers of dreamscapes… where in the world is the exit?

1. Different cards are pieced together to create landscapes
3 types of cards will be dropped randomly in the game. Placing cards will enrich the dreamscapes and strengthen the character’s attributes while new monsters will be generated. Opportunities and crises coexist.
2. Card Combination Buffs
It isn’t just about placing and strengthening oneself using cards. Powerful buffs come with new liches and monsters. Be careful not to get devoured by the dreamscape.
3. Class Combinations and Innate Abilities
Powerful warriors, wise mages, witty thieves… which is the class for you?
4. Base Construction unlocks more Card Combinations
Each stage is a whole new space. Only the illuminated base is your home, welcoming you back as you get stronger from each loop.

Loop Knight:Endless Adventure
Loop Knight:Endless Adventure

Available: Google Play – US

Loop Knight:Endless Adventure
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