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Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Looters – Survivors’ Battle (by Snowpipe Inc.)

Invitation from the world where the law of the jungle prevails!

Attention LOOTERS!
Became a LOOTERS and survive in the zombie apocalypse! “Sigma”, a critical virus that has spread worldwide, has turned healthy people into zombies and the world erupts into chaos. Due to reckless raiding for resources between humanity, the LOOTERS, a huge group of bandits, is created for protect and raid the resources from other survivors! With the collapse of modern civilization, “raid” is the only way to survive! If you’re trying to stay alive, devastate the zombies and raid other survivors!

Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Build and expand your shelter!
Protect citizens and earn resources by design your shelter and upgrade facilities. You have more resources earned as you upgrade the shelter! Defend against enemy attacks and protect your shelter and safe with various defense facilities!

Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Raid and steal the safe from other players!
Raid other users’ shelters, steal loot and the safe. The enemy shelter is fully armed with a multitude of defense facilities. Furthermore, the zombies are rushing at you! Raiding the shelter is labored work, but once you check the results, you will fall in love with it! Because you can power up the heroes and the militias with the resources that you have stolen! If you are trying to stay alive under the threat of attacks from enemies, take what you can or perish among other!

Looters – Survivors’ Battle

Assemble the Heroes and Experience the Strategy-Based Raid!
Encounter diverse Heroes and Militias from LOOTERS. Level up your heroes and call up militias and experience a strategy-based raid! It will be easier to steal loot from other players by planning your unique strategies with rare and powerful heroes and militias!

A Battle for Survival in the Zombie Apocalypse! Do Not Miss the Chance to Experience the Real Strategy Game!

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Looters – Survivors’ Battle

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