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The description of Lootland

Enter a world where the toasters hate you and the washing machine wants to kill you.
If the TV hadn’t tried to eat you, you would’ve heard the news already:
The world’s been overrun by evil goo, and it’s infecting man-made objects everywhere.

Your block is the last one left. You and your “dear” neighbours. You are the only hope left to save the world.
But it’s not all bad news. If you shoot the sh…life out of these things, they turn into cash, chips and more weapons.

So, who knows? You may even survive long enough to barbecue again.

You’re not a team.You’re more of a one-fight stand.

But now’s not the time for relationships.

It’s time to take this neighbourhood back.

Lootland: shoot, loot, WIN!

Saving the world is not fun on your own. Take your neighbours with you to the one last fight.

Lootland: shoot, loot, WIN!

Use a single finger! Drag to move, release to shoot!
If that is too complex for you, then there’s really no hope left in the world.

Lootland: shoot, loot, WIN!

If you can’t master the controls and the new normal is too scary for you, you can upgrade your skills to take the higher ground.

Lootland: shoot, loot, WIN!
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