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​Lord of Nirvana (Th)


The description of ​Lord of Nirvana

Awaken the mind to be free
You are marked as favorites. Awakening fighting spirit in the air.
4 career systems, many reincarnations. Different bosses.

​Lord of Nirvana:ศึกพิชิตจอมเทพ

Fate, a romantic adventure
A variety of clothes, a noisy party, a warm holiday
Every marriage is a holiday. Are you ready for the wedding?

​Lord of Nirvana:ศึกพิชิตจอมเทพ

Unique mighty beast of fashion
Kill mutant animals. Numerous horses travel the world and the universe.
Gorgeous fashion is combined with diversity, creating a unique and beautiful style.

​Lord of Nirvana:ศึกพิชิตจอมเทพ

Server battle
Exciting inter server battles, gather friends.
Work together to fight enemies for the king.

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​Lord of Nirvana:ศึกพิชิตจอมเทพ

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