Loss of Defence

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The description of Loss of Defence (by Playwhale.Ltd)

Monsters rushing out of the rift are ravaging every corner of the kingdom. As a knight, you need to lead heroes from different camps to fight together against the monsters and protect the citizens and your beloved homeland.

Loss of Defence is a strategy tower defense game that incorporates roguelike and RPG elements. You can summons all kinds of heroes by making covenants with them. Use your wisdom to fully exert their abilities and features, build an unbreakable line of defense against monster invasions and protect your kingdom!

Knight, are you ready to fight for your kingdom?

Six Classes, Dozens of Heroes
There are dozens of original heroes of six classes. Learn their abilities and skills, make your own lineup using strategies and build a strong defense!

Loss of Defence

Five Camps in Synergy
There are five hero camps. Different heroes can activate different synergy effects. Use synergy wisely to improve stats and defeat unlimited enemies!

Designed Maps, Powerful Monsters
There are 8 designed maps including the castle, the market, the grassland, the moor, etc., where you fight nearly a thousand kinds of monsters. Fight against the fissure in different places to protect your kingdom!

Loss of Defence

Battle to Get Stronger
Your heroes can level up in battle by defeating monsters and completing quests. The longer you fight, the stronger they grow!

Random Loot, Free to Choose
You can get random loots from battle. You can choose them for free to make the best collocation and go for higher difficulties!

Loss of Defence

Auto-Battle Frees Your Hands
You can use auto-battle to free your hands.

Unlimited Waves, Tough Challenges
The power of the fissure is unpredictably strong. You can open the unlimited wave by passing the difficulty challenge. The larger the wave, the better the rewards. Hold as long as you can to reach an unprecedented height!

Official Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/lossofdefenceOfficial

💡 APK is not available – use VPN (SEA)

Loss of Defence

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