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Lost in Paradise:Waifu Connect

Official Launch(Global) + Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of Lost in Paradise (by EYOUGAME)

Now take your weapons and enter the turn-based strategy card game brought to you by Eyougame! You’ll meet warriors from various countries, as well as many waifus and princesses who are waiting for rescue.

Other than collecting and upgrading all warriors you’ve obtained, your tasks also include handling matters of your waifus, raising your children, reinforcing your army, making decisions for national affairs, etc. By attacking the opposing force, rescuing the princesses who are being held hostage, and capturing the kingdoms of others, you will be able to claim more resources along with the glory of being ranked high on the list.

Lost in Paradise:Waifu Connect

All in all, build your own battle circle here by fortifying your nation and training your warriors! You can even show off your mighty warriors with your friends!

Lead your warriors to victory and make your nation more prosperous and powerful – it’s all your choice!
Kindly note that is a free-to-play game but there are purchasable items in it.

Lost in Paradise:Waifu Connect

Feel free to set a password for item purchases in the settings of Google Play Store, if you don’t want to use this feature.
Additionally, this game requires an Internet connection for you to enjoy the fun.

Lost in Paradise:Waifu Connect

Game Features
Exquisite and refined ACGN illustrations
An idle game that allows you to obtain the resources you require effortlessly
Collect powerful warriors and cultivate existing ones
A VIP? Obtain VIP EXP that will level you up, as long as you’re actively involved in the game
Strategize and cultivate your ultimate warriors to defeat your opponents
Fight for the top in multiple arenas
Train your nation and share your warriors to build a battle circle of your own
Quality Japanese dubbing to bring more color to the game

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Official website

Lost in Paradise:Waifu Connect
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