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Lost Paradise Land

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The description of Lost Paradise Land

Lost Paradise Land is a classic SRPG in Anime art style that allows players to become a commander and summon legendary warrioresses to save their paradise.

You can experience exhilarating turn-based battles, class-based tactical combat, unique upgrade paths for each warrioress, real-time PvP, as you explore a vast fantasy world!

Use maps’ terrain bonuses to your advantage by choosing different lineup. Your strategic choice will crash all enmenies and lead to victory!

Game Features:
—Classic tactical turn-based srpg game mode.
Choose powerful warrioresses,move them on the chessboard and defeat enemies with unique skills.

Lost Paradise Land

—Original plots and storyline
The main storyline is the main way for you to upgrade levels.Earn exclusive rewards and resources by passing all challenges.

Lost Paradise Land

—50+ warrioresses are waiting for your command!
Collect 50+ warrioresses in different position, you can interact with them and explore their lives.

Lost Paradise Land

—Various of weapons are waiting for you
Craft fine and rare weapons in different classes, equip to boost your combat power, be the most powerful commander!

Lost Paradise Land

—Recruit warrioresses for free,getting your favourite warrioress more easily
Choose your favourite goddess,make her stronger and boost your combat power easily!

—Challenge worldwide players in the special PVP mode!

Lost Paradise Land
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