Lost Rings


Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Lost Rings ( by LWK Games)

Players share the same chessboard with the enemy, and take turns to move elements to match three or more elements to crush on the chessboard, the trigger effect is different depending on the number of elements matched to crush.
-Players can obtain corresponding magic power by crushing elements of the same color. If the magic value is enough, you can release the corresponding skills to attack the enemy.
-The player’s life is composed of HP and a shield value. The shield value is consumed first when under attack, and the enemy’s health is defeated to win.

Lost Rings - Fantasy Puzzle RPG Match 3 Games
Lost Rings - Fantasy Puzzle RPG Match 3 Games
Lost Rings - Fantasy Puzzle RPG Match 3 Games

Game features
Powerful equipment drops randomly
Different levels of equipment have different probability of dropping. Equipment attributes can be used to improve the player’s basic attributes, and additional buffs need to be explored by the player.
Events bring rewards and punishments
Incidents such as mysterious trap, cursed altars, ghost gamblers and other events bring a completely different adventure experience, reward or punishment? It’s your choice!
Upgrade talents, unlock skills
After the players pass each level of BOSS, they can upgrade their talents or unlock skills through the souls obtained in the game, arm themselves, and win!

Lost Rings - Fantasy Puzzle RPG Match 3 Games

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