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Lovecraft’s Mythos Run – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Lovecraft’s Mythos Run (by LLC Blini Games)

LLC Blini Games have developed Lovecraft’s Mythos Run, an entertaining F2P endless runner based on their original and successful roguelike multiplatform game, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, released in 2019 for PC, console and mobile platforms.

By using the same graphics, style and lore, this game brings back to your devices all the fun of the license in a hyper casual way.
The main heroes run to escape from a huge flying polyp. If it catches the heroes, it will be their end. The goal is to get as far as possible. Defend yourself from the enemies that will try to kill or stop you. Shoot your weapon to defend yourself, and dodge the traps that will activate on your way. The enemies will drop items that will help you and money that you can use to buy new items at the game shop.

Lovecraft's Mythos Run

Basic features:
1) The graphics, animations, music and sounds of the original game Lovecraft’s Untold Stories
2) Unlock new heroes: Play with the well-known heroes of the original game, Detective, Professor and Witch.
3) 3 different bosses with special attack mechanics: Giant Spider, Night Hunter and Nyarlathotep’s Avatar.

Lovecraft's Mythos Run

4) Dozens of different enemies that will attack the heroes from both sides.
5) Shoot left and right, and dodge the traps and attacks to survive as long as possible.
6) Different settings: Mansion, Laboratory, Cemetery and Caves.

Lovecraft's Mythos Run

7) Buy items at the shop and equip them on your hero to increase your chances to survive.
8) Create the perfect build. Your hero can only wear up to 5 items at the same time so choose carefully and make your hero unstoppable.

Lovecraft's Mythos Run
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