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Lucky Joe

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Lucky Joe (by Mandragone Games)

Lucky Joe is a unique action game that combines shooting and platforming in 60 large 2D levels.

• 2D plaftorm game in pixel art
• 60 levels divided in 4 worlds
• 20 hours of a challenging gameplay for a single player experience
• 10 types of enemies developped with an innovative AI based on Fuzzy Logic
• 15 original and exclusive soundtracks
• a story developped all along the adventure through 2D animated scenes

Lucky Joe

• Target Audience: male / 15-35y / core gamers
• High level Action Game with sarcastic humor
• 3 permanent weapons: knife, rifle, grenades
• Ammo options for rifle and grenades
• >10 types of enemies with realistic AI and skills
• >10 types of different traps
• Large and multi paths levels including secret passages
• 60 secrets to discover along 60 levels
• >20 hours of gameplay
• Built in unity with a ray cast based 2D engine

Lucky Joe

• A specific and dynamic gameplay mixing traps, fights and action
• Experience of the coherence of the overall gameplay balancing
• Increase of the difficulty over the story
• Excess of rage after multiple stupid own deaths
• Willingness of breaking your controller after too much play
• Fusion between rock music and inherent core gameplay
• Stupid smile after having been shot at the very last row
• Proudness of having finished level 61
• Humility having found this secret passage on YouTube

Lucky Joe

The enemies got specific skills and behaviors.
Otto is a kamikaze very emotional. Rodolf is different, he is a psychopath who can bend or crouch while shooting. Discover their abilities and more through 60 secrets disseminated over the 60 levels.

Lucky Joe
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