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Madmen & Monsters

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Madmen & Monsters (by Arizona GS)

What happens when the world’s foremost respected scientific figure is secretly humanity’s biggest threat? With his mysterious monstrous creations, the mad inventor aims for total world domination and will be unstoppable, unless a brave group of heroes rise up against him.

Join the resistance by building a group of heroes in this escape room puzzle adventure heist game. Infiltrate your enemy’s lair, sabotage his plans and steal his resources. Use these resources to grow monsters of your own, merge to craft and build gadgets, and rise up to destroy this scary army of Madmen and Monsters!

Control a team of unique heroes!

– Each hero has a unique passive ability that can be leveraged to master the level
– Seamlessly combine hero abilities in order to solve level challenges
– Discover each hero’s backstory as you level up and evolve their abilities

Madmen & Monsters

Thwart your enemy’s monsters and steal his resources!

– Adventure through the enemy lair to find and steal technologies whilst avoiding the scary monsters lurking around
– Merge resources to craft inventions and gadgets to use against the monsters
– Frequently raid the enemy lair to steal and collect newly spawned elements to bring back to the lab
– Use skills to raid and escape the lair before the timer runs out

Madmen & Monsters

Merge elements and compounds to craft new inventions in the lab!

– Stolen items can be brought back to your lab to craft new inventions and gadgets
– Match resources in the merge puzzle to craft elements and upgrade gadgets to maximize power
– Level up and upgrade the Seer to increase chances of spawning rare resources in the lab

Madmen & Monsters

Available: Google Play – AU, PH, MY

Madmen & Monsters
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