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Mafia Connect

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Mafia Connect (by EYOUGAME)

Behold! This is Mafia City in 2035, where violent crimes and superpowers intertwine in this dangerous area.
Your mission here is to become the gang’s leader and expand the gang with your superpowered friends.
The ultimate goal is to become the most powerful gangster in Mafia City!

Gameplay Introduction
Auto Battle RPG!
Easy to play and quick to learn! You can also enjoy the strategy of the game slowly!
Place your partners on the grid and use your superpowers to defeat your enemies!

Mafia Connect

Collect! Train! The collection of all your favorite superpowered warriors!
Collect and develop a variety of characters with different superpowers.
Grow your gangster organization and become a superpowered army!

Mafia Connect

Expand your business territory! Profit from the gangster business!
Manage a variety of businesses at the gangster’s headquarters.
Bars, research institutes, and underground fighting arenas are among the businesses located here.
With efficient management, you can make a lot of money!

Mafia Connect

Various battle systems! Enjoy life as a gangster!
Fight for territory, PVP battles with enemies, and escape from prison!
Experience the exciting daily life of a gangster!

Official website

Mafia Connect

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