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Mafia Empire: Underworld

Early access (Beta)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Mafia Empire: Underworld (by C4GAMES)

Boss, do you have what it takes to dominate the underworld?

Your family was once the undisputed rulers of the underworld.
Through scheming and betrayal, everything has been brought to ruin.
Once again, it all comes down to you to start from scratch. Rebuild your empire and lead your family back to where it belongs!
Family, power, women, and money brings humans to obsession that will lead them to ruin.
The city that was once bustling metropolis has been torn apart.
As the gang wars become intense, corrupt officers flood every corner of the city, taking every single bribe
Can you unify the major gangs and become GodFather of the entire Mafia Empire?

Mafia Empire: Underworld
Mafia Empire: Underworld
Mafia Empire: Underworld
Mafia Empire: Underworld

The most realistic graphics the Unreal Engine has to offer.
A city of angels portrayed in full panoramic 3D. Sprawling criminal empire, nightclubs, hacking centers, prisons, and much more in Next Generation graphics.
Call upon your gang and fight for territory in this real-time strategy game!
Train your associates to battle. Take revenge on those who wronged you, and rule the city as if it were Los Santos.
A next-generation Mafia Empire at your fingertips.
Engage in quick and dirty skirmishes or plan a stunning masterstroke!
Highly rich and strategic gameplay. Recruit gangs, build up your family, and fight for territory.
Train your associates and lead them to become the best. Build the strongest and largest gang with thugs, death squads, mercenaries, riders, and teamsters. Battle to destroy the other families and rule the underworld!
Become the greatest and build your empire!
Eliminate other players, become the strongest of them all, and plunge the city into a new era of your dark rule!

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Mafia Empire: Underworld
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