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The description of Mafia Legend-City of Vice (by VFUN TECHNOLOGY HK LIMITED)

In this vice city, you are destined to become the next mafia legend! Pack your weapon, gather your gang members and claim your sovereignty over the city!

Various gangsters to choose from
There are many different types of gangsters within the game. Hell angels, Frankenstein, cold-blooded beauties are all at your disposal! Each type of gangsters have their own stats. You will need to upgrade your loyal heroes and choose the formations of your crews wisely.

Mafia Legend-City of Vice

Pretty secretries by your side
Every mafia needs to pleased by pretty women, you are no exception. Enjoy the flirtatious and hardworking girls by your side! They will bring you joy and surprises on the way to becoming a legend!

Mafia Legend-City of Vice

Idle combating and looting
A qualified mafia will focus on his career 24/7 in order to make progress and collect resources. But in this game, you don’t need to be so tired. your heroes will do that for you when you are away! You can easily get the resources you need to become the legend!

Mafia Legend-City of Vice

Tons of rewards
As a novice mafia, you don’t need to worry about resources in this game. You will find rewards everywhere, and you can use them to recruit new gangsters and expand your mafia without paying

Unique battle strategy
Courage alone is not enough, as a qualified mafia, you need to know how to win the battles. Know your gangsters well, choose the right line-ups according to your enemies, and find the right time to launch the skills! Once you master the secrets of fighting and commanding, you will be the king of the vice city!

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Mafia Legend-City of Vice

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