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Mafia Only – EN

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mafia Only (by 7th Street Games)

Recruitment System:
Expand your influence through the recruitment system. You can recruit various types of members, such as warriors, advisors, bombers, etc. Each member has their own strengths and skills.
Strengthen your power and status by recruiting suitable members to form a team.

Mafia Only - EN

Territory Expansion System:
Territory expansion is one of the important gameplay elements in the game. You can acquire new territories by seizing, purchasing, or exchanging with other players. Each territory has different resources and characteristics.
You can increase your income and influence by expanding your territories, while also protecting them from attacks by other players.

Mafia Only - EN

Gang Domination System:
Gang domination is an intense competitive event. Create your own gang and engage in fierce competitions with other gangs.
It’s not only tests your strategic skills, but also requires close cooperation with gang members to build a powerful gang.

Mafia Only - EN

Character Training System:
Character training is an important way to enhance your strength. Upgrade your characters’ levels and skills. As your characters progress, you will unlock more powerful skills and equipment, increasing your status in the mafia world.
You can also train your members to enhance their abilities, making them your capable assistants. It allows you to continuously grow and become a big boss.

Mafia Only - EN

By participating in gang wars and continuously upgrading your characters, you can stand out in the game world and become a true big boss.
But remember, success requires hard work and wisdom, and you must also be cautious of challenges from other players. Experience becoming a big boss from zero!

Available: Google Play – TW, HK, SG, MY

Mafia Only - EN

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