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Mafia Simulator

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The description of Mafia Simulator

A Mafia Simulation Game, you can join the turf war with players around the world, develop the best Gang of yours in Sin City.

Full City Map with Multilayer Management
With a 3D City Map inside, in game scenes will be unlocked gradually when your character’s leve upgraded. An entire boundless underworld for you to construct.

Become Rich Overnight
By upgrading your turf, you will be able to expand your business and even run a grand empire of yours. Run your counterfeiter, you have a chance to become rich overnight in the game.

Mafia Simulator

Intense Turf War Battle
Experience the intense battle in Turf War and PVE battle as a Mafia. Make it to the top in Mafia Sin City’s Leaderboard.

Alliance War
Join with other families for better protection! Build your crew to kill, collect and loot money. Fight to rise to power!

Mafia Simulator

Lover System
There are beauties of different countries and styles inside the game. In Mafia Sin City, you have chances to date all the girls you like, enjoy their tenderness and infatuation for you.

Hero System
In this system you can upgrade your Heroes’attributes, thus increase your power in the challenge mode.

Mafia Simulator

Offspring System:
Raise your childern and nourish their talents. Establish your family by arranging marriages with other players.

More Gameplays
There are all kinds of gameplays inside, Turf War Battle, join Underground Boxing Club, manage your Counterfeiter, Arena Battle and Alliance Challenge, all waiting for you to participate!

Mafia Simulator

Equipment System
Various Weapons, Sports Cars used to represent your noble status. Upgrade your equipments so that you can easily defeat your rivals, become the invincible Godfather.

Title System
From an unknow street boy to a mafia boss, you can choose your way to rise up to become a Godfather, you will claim titles specially design for you, and build up your attributes.

Manage System
In daily tasks, you can join loan-shark event, collect cargo and supplies, occupy and loot other players. By participating in the daily managing tasks, you can live your dream to become rich overnight.

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Mafia Simulator
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