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Mafia Theft Auto


💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mafia Theft Auto (by Pixel Storm)

Greetings from the Sin City… Are you new here?
Regardless of who you are ,Sin City will welcome you with its overwhelming splendor. The City is full of wealthy folks just waiting to be robbed. But if you think it will be easy… better think again:)

Mafia Theft Auto

You can rob stores, civilian houses, or even rob a bank. Snatching cars will become your daily routine. We have hundreds of quests for you to dive into, so we hope you are ready for a lot of action. You need to be careful as the police in this town are crazy, ruthless killers who will not hesitate for a split second to shoot you the moment you commit a crime. You need to think on your feet when dealing with them.

Are you a good driver ? You better become one, because street racing and even race track racing is something you will have to master. Only the best drivers can outmanoeuvre a police chase.

Mafia Theft Auto

You want to ask about weapons? Hehehe. Don’t worry about that, in your safe house you will be able to gather an amazing arsenal. From knives and baseball bats to miniguns and RPGs. We have it all. You can even customize those weapons to better suit your style.

So you are a mechanic? That’s even better, each car you steal can be upgraded and modified to your heart’s content. Without those modifications you will crash everytime you try to jump over a river while dodging your pursuers.

Mafia Theft Auto

You look like a person who likes to dress to kill. No worries, you can look just the way you want to. All you need to do is to collect any type of clothing you may find useful.

No matter what you did in past… Now is the time to get rich. Collect valuables and sell them in a pawn shop ,then use your money to buy some legendary gear.

The moment you get to the top people will be attracted to you. You think those are your friends? Yeah… better think again.. stay on your toes, there are some people who would shoot you in the back and shed no tears. This is Sin City, remember?

Mafia Theft Auto

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