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Mafia Warfare

Official Launch

💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Mafia Warfare (by 冬立 李)

An all-new Match-3 strategy game. Rule the underworld!

Ready to take over the underworld?

You’ll take on the role of the prodigal heir to the Roselli crime family, recreating its former glory and expanding your influence throughout Los Angeles. As you build your criminal empire and expand your territory, you’ll recruit countless Mob legends, from ambitious street thugs to deadly mercenaries and cunning businessmen. Not only will you have to control the underworld using means of intimidation, such as threats or wars, but you’ll also have to face fierce resistance and terrifying betrayals…

Mafia Warfare

An all-new Match-3 Puzzle & Strategy Gameplay!

– Fight it out on the ever-changing battlefields. Solve brilliant puzzles to defeat rival gangs and unlock a new life of crime!

– Enjoy classic Match-3 puzzles integrated with real-time strategies and ultra-realistic gun effects! Immerse in a whole new experience of firefights in gang wars!

Mafia Warfare

– Experience a thrilling plot as you rebuild a mafia family and rule the underworld!

Recruit Legends to Strengthen Your Family’s Influence!

Mafia Warfare

– Recruit legendary Capos & Mobsters from all corners of the underworld to fight for your family!

– Build and train your private army. Deploy a combination of special units to dominate Los Angeles!

– Gather your Mob allies for every battle to strengthen your crews in wars!

Mafia Warfare


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