Mafia1921:Revenge (Mafia Town)

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mafia1921:Revenge (by Chen xu 2022)

After your father passed away unexpectedly, the balance of mafia families was broken. As the Family’s sole heir, you were framed by a member of the rival Morgan Family. Ten years in prison have come to an end now. You gathered the remaining members of the Family, embarking on the road of revenge to find the truth about your father’s death.

– Open-ended game: Following the insight and clues, you grasp control of your own destiny. Walking on the knife-edge, you can choose whether to revive the mafia family or to follow in your father’s footsteps to unveil this city of crime. Various options lead to multiple endings. You can immerse yourself in the mafia world.

Mafia1921:Revenge (Mafia Town)

– Mafia magnate: How do you gain a foothold here? Run a bar, take control of a casino, or operate a stripe club. You can have your own way of creating your mafia network here.

– Surrounded by beauties: Just put aside the conflicts among mafias, and spend some time looking for your soulmates, such as sexy mafia bosses, charming agents, and talented movie stars. I believe there is always a girl who can bring you happiness.

Mafia1921:Revenge (Mafia Town)

– Recruit mafia talents: Recruit mafia leaders with different characters to build a powerful family. Do not hold your hand when encountering the opponent. It’s up to you to decide whether to kill or poach them.

– Collect weapons and luxury cars: Collect different weapons and luxury cars and customize them with various parts to make your mafia family stand out from others. All is to conquer the city of crime.

– Grow with global players: Collaborate with mafia players worldwide and get revenge on someone who offends you. Just forge ahead with partners to conquer this city, and scale the heights of the mafia world.

Mafia1921:Revenge (Mafia Town)

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