Mafia:RPG game

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mafia:RPG game (by 福州通广网络科技有限公司)

Top Mafia is a mafia RPG game for free.In the game, you go astray, change step by step from the at-risk youth to the gang leader, see the dark world under a city, and gradually establish the country’s largest criminal network.
You manage underworld trades and illegal business, and rule illegal income channels; bribe the police and government officials to manage all government relations; recruit powerful gangs, control your opponents, eliminate all underworld competition, and rule the city.

Occupy Territory
Persuade the locals to pay you a protection fee, and you provide protection for them and the territory you control.

Gang Business
To build casinos, nightclubs, run gang territories, or even gray industries, you need to keep funds flowing.

Mafia:RPG game

Recruit Members
You need a lot of helpers to open up new areas and prevent your business from being destroyed by your opponents. Your business depends on how many people are willing to work for you.

Mafia:RPG game

Romance Companions
Encounter beautiful girls,capture their hearts with your charm, and enrich your love story.

Mafia:RPG game

Unite Underground
Occupy the streets and cities and build your own mafia empire. Destroy those who stand in your way and recruit loyal followers for your cause.

Raise Your Heirs
Raise your sons and daughters, they will share your burdens and help with your enormous empire of sin.СКРЫТЬ

Mafia:RPG game

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