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Magic Contract (Vn)

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The description of Magic Contract

Magic Contract – Magic Contract
Is a graphics magic mobile game. Players through Quests, Instances, Equipment events, props … to improve their combat power when challenging the demon leader, the Wild World King.

Magic Contract

Matching quickly- Quit life FA
Connect friends, team up to fight through the deck, challenge BOSS, master the city. Quick pairing, baby raising, so you are no longer alone in the adventure.

Speed ​​racing – Quick competition
High speed armored racing, you can compete with friends. This is the time to test your fighting prowess. Do you dare to try?

Magic Contract

Armor transformation- Unique skill
The armor is super cool, the combat power increases rapidly, the unique skills kill all enemies in seconds! Train your armor, get lots of upgraded Equipment, make Giap even more powerful!

Magic Contract

Diamond Ring – Demonstration of power
Thien Dia Tranh Ba, The Winner Is King! Adventure road with friends, enemies, the more titles needed! Proclaim to promote the Diamond Ring Gate, the Diamond Gift Sea is waiting for you to receive.

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Magic Contract
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