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Magic: Dragon Crest (TW)

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

Release date: 2021.7.15

The description of 魔力:龍之紋章 (by lnhwgame)

Travel the magical world and plunge into the incredible charm of turn-based mobile games.
[White Dragon Comes Into World] Rare · Little White Dragon and [Ghost Dragon] Juggernaut · Dragon Girl to Take Home for Free!

Magic: Dragon Emblem is the Q version of a turn-based mobile game about magic.
The game uses a classic turn-based combat mode with multidimensional settings such as professions, pets, formations and 5v5 confrontations, which greatly enriches the game’s strategy. Let you experience a thrilling real strategy battle with the most relaxing operation possible!
Join us ~ Start an exciting fantasy magic adventure!

Game Background

The plot takes place on the magical continent of Williclo.
The emblem of the power of origin, which developed all existence, disintegrated into 24 crystals of the power of origin in the Battle of the Gods, and they spread throughout the continent. Since then, the world has gradually collapsed …
The summoned brave man can choose any profession in the holy sword, sharp spear, world spirit, apostle, magic path and hunting and go on a journey with a cute pet. Continue your adventure as you uncover the truth behind the collapse of the world and defend the emblem of the origin!

Game Features

[Classic Round] A competition in the fantasy genres, an exciting strategic battle
Pure circular pedigree, rich combination of skills, peak 5v5 duels, battle to new heights!

Magic: Dragon Crest

【Pro Matches】 Partners form a party and challenge difficulty dungeons.
Six distinctive professions plus several individual exclusive strategies! Teamwork is continuous, all focus is on defeating the big boss ~

Magic: Dragon Crest

[Development of the pet of God] Attribute exploding table, breaking the upper skill limit
Lovely and cruel flowers ~ Multi-stage progress without limits, the soul of the beast resonates and fights wildly!

Magic: Dragon Crest

[Bone Marrow Washing Options] Combining Warcraft Pets, Learning Exclusive Skills
Brainwash endlessly to produce rare minions and play books with each other to race to the full infant level! Unique fighting skills overwhelm the audience ~

Magic: Dragon Crest

[Blacksmithing] Successful improvement, improvement of PC magic skills.
The gear is strengthened to activate special effects, and the inlay level is increased directly ~ God level suit, the strength wins!

Magic: Dragon Crest

Warm Reminder
The game features characters dressed in colorful costumes, violence (no bloody pictures), dating and friendship, and are classified as an additional 12 levels according to the game’s software rating management method.
This game is free, but there are also paid services such as buying virtual game coins and in-game items. Use them according to your personal interests and abilities.
Please pay attention to the playing time, do not indulge, play for a long time, it will easily affect your work and rest, it is appropriate to rest and exercise in moderation.

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Magic: Dragon Crest
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