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Magic of Destiny: Hero Card TD

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Magic of Destiny: Hero Card TD (by Gyro Games)


Are you looking for new fantasy tower hero defense games?
Love the excitement of grow hero & grow tower defense games?

Well, you get all that and a hell-lot more in Magic of Destiny – Card TD, a new tower defense game where each battle is individual, and the number of options for passing depends on your strategy and the chosen hero. Unlock a whole new world of magic and immerse yourself in one of the hero tower defense games of 2023.


The world of Fantasy hides not only hordes of mysterious creatures and the constant presence of magic but also secrets, much deeper.

When the Ying Gao Principality sends out its best expedition in search of new knowledge, the result in the form of an obtained Crystal affects everything around, in particular magic, making it uncontrollable.

Oil and poison rain from the sky and unknown metal creatures begin to attack the cities, turning everything around into gray slime. The epic heroes will have to unite and understand the cause of all these cataclysms.

Prove your defender and battle skills by leading the tower hero defense. Show great strategic thinking and tactical base defense by utilizing your assets, and upgrading the towers, skills, and heroes.

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Defend and conquer to live and find out the destiny of all 5 nations with different maps, tribes, and features, and discover the hidden secret nation along the way. Each nation has advantages that you can utilize. The Ying Gao Principality has various elements such as fire, tempest, and damage; Munguk Wilderness Tribes have a leveled upgrade of towers during the battle; Remor Theocratic State – all sorts of magical effects on monsters, and more.

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Defend from the adrenaline-pumping waves of attacks with 25 unique towers that have 150+ skills (incinerate, stun, strike with lightning, explode with an elemental meteorite, make a sacrifice to the gods, and more). The elemental effects are also here to give you an advantage in the evil defense battles.

Also, grow each tower’s capabilities with 35 tower upgrades such as blowing up a monster from the inside, increasing the number of projectiles fired, making the tower a source of healing, which causes great damage, combining Yin and Yang to explode, and more.

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Replace cards to level up heroes. There are 112 artifacts for heroes that change the characteristics of the towers, create a hero’s healing, destroy monsters with the effect of reflecting damage, give second and third chances in hard situations, force monsters to turn around, and more.

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● rpg card TD game with infinite combinations
● 5 main nations with their own maps and features
● a secret nation that you need to discover
● 25+ unique towers
● grow towers with 150+ tower skills
● 35+ tower defensive upgrades
● stats like damage, attack speed, and range for each tower
● 112 artifacts for heroes
● magic tower defense elemental effects (use as an advantage in battles)
● different environments and changing conditions: Acid rains and fire storms
● grow heroes (level up heroes with cards)
● fix your mistakes in the hero tower defense with the time rewind feature
● pause game and play the td game online or offline
● play the unintended way, find your exploit

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