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Magic & Sanctuary

Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Magic & Sanctuary (by 艾奇普)

Legend has it that on the night of the “Blood Moon”, the Black Witch Medea, who was once sealed away by the White Witches, will break her seal and resurrect.

In order to stop Medea from resurrecting, the surviving White Witches called on warriors and witch hunters to battle with the Black Witches.

As the battle began, more and more heroes and civilians were injured or infected with diseases. The whole world came under the shadow of Medea’s resurrection.

Faced with many injuries, you made a decision to rebuild the sanctuary, where you could protect civilians and treat injured heroes.

You want to help the heroes return to the battlefield to foil the Black Witches’ plot!

Andrea’s Guidance

Deciding to rebuild such a large shelter all of a sudden is a huge challenge. However, we have the guidance of the senior nun Andrea. Use the myriad magical facilities to create and customize your own shelter to treat injured heroes and civilians.

Magic & Sanctuary

Connie’s Assault

Black Witches are skilled with witchcraft and magic. Poison, curse, bloodthirst, frenzy, transformation spells (werewolves)… many heroes and civilians are suffering from various ailments. Connie needs your help to research more diseases and help her become a senior nun like Andrea.

Magic & Sanctuary

Wandering Merchant Carey

Nancy admitted Carey into the shelter. Carey is a wandering merchant who travels around collecting all kinds of rare medicinal seeds and fertile soil. He can provide a lot of precious herb seeds, help cultivate soil, and plant many precious herbs to satisfy various medical needs.

Magic & Sanctuary

Arrogant Lawrence

He is proficient in alchemy, has a bad temper, and often acts like a lunatic. However, he can use medicinal ingredients to make a variety of medicines to exert greater medicinal effects. He does this to refine more powerful magic potions to help the heroes fight against the Black Witches.

Magic & Sanctuary

Lazy Shelter Manager

As the number of cases increased, you gradually realized that you need help. You have therefore decided to recruit a few employees to treat the injured and lighten your burden.

Magic & Sanctuary is a casual idle simulation game, if you are looking for a game to decompress or kill time, or you want to play with friends, Magic & Sanctuary is the best choice! With a relaxed simulating game story and excellent game performance combined with simple gameplay, you will be addicted!
Come to explore magic world and you’ll LOVE this amazing hospital game!

Magic & Sanctuary
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