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Magic War

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Magic War TD (by BENJIE FUN LIMITED)

《Magic War TD》is a prominent “hero action tower defense” mobile game with 3D cartoon style,it will rewrite your knowledge and imagination of tower defense games.

The game tells the adventure story of many heroes uniting to fight, under the command of the lord, resisting the invasion of darkness and defending their homeland. Exquisite hero characters and the awesome special effects of skills will bring you a king of tower defense combat experience.What’s more, we have a interesting RPG development system,Multi-dimensional skill release strategies and the cool full screen ultimate skills, they can bring you blood boiling battle pleasure! There are dozens of innovative ways to play of the game at the same time,such as Random level challenges,Endless corridors,Combination of skills,Landform trap,The top race and so on. Bring you Unparalleled experience to players!

[Excellent hero design, perfect screen special effects]
Each hero in the game has a very delicate design,high quality and different styles, with extremely high collection and development value, and the scenes and skills’ special effects are even more beautiful and cool. Such excellent graphics and special effects have always been a highlight for players to praise, with comfortable visual effects and a shocking immersive experience!

Magic War TD

[Excellent combat experience]
The heroes of the game have very individual combat actions. With the release of skills, you can see a lot of battle details of the heroes, and the sense of strike in every move and style is very well, and the feedback is very palpable. At the same time, we have adjusted the difficulty of the challenge, so that players can experience a stronger sense of action during the operation!

[Extremely difficult, unlimited levels, looking for tower defense genius]
After meticulously designing,there are difficult maps and the newly launched ‘Chaotic Land’ with purgatory difficulty has reached the level of hell. Monsters flooded in from all directions. Countless players gathered here to challenge. The strategy will burn your brain. Who we are looking for is you, a tower defense genius!

Magic War TD

[Six races, start a battle across time and space]
There are six races of empire, clan, forest, ocean, abyss, and alien. Dozens of heroes gather here. Among them, the famous Monster Fox Daji,and Monkey King Wukong are ready to go. There are also race halo has been designed in the game, making the features of races more prominent.

[Endless Corridor, the gameplay of Crazy Devil Circle is upgraded again]
Endless Corridor is one of the innovative gameplay of “Magic War TD”, using the demon circle gameplay of classic WOW tower defense map to improve. In addition to infinite monsters will be spawned in the corridor, various card props will be dropped randomly. Familiar with and flexibly use props, coupled with some “magic music”, you can’t stop it.

Magic War TD

[Adventure in random levels]
In the “random level” gameplay, each level is a random combination, including rewards, monsters, difficulty, etc. If you want to experience Roguelike elements in a tower defense game, then “Magic War TD” is definitely a good choice for you .

Magic War TD
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