Magic World

Official Launch(TH) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Magic World : โลกลัทธิมาร (by MI GAME)

The very popular MMO game of 2023, the world of devils and A new patch has arrived
In the world of devils, wars between Saints and Demons often occur. Until causing all living things to be destroyed
The path you must choose yourself! To be the hero who saves this world. Or will it be a demon lord who has no contenders?

Highlights of the game:
Defeat the Boss, drop god clothes
Equipment in the devil world can be obtained by defeating Bosses. Players can find equipment by defeating various bosses in the devil world to increase their power! The higher the Boss level, the better. The more powerful the equipment you get.

Magic World : โลกลัทธิมาร

Free Trade
In the devil’s world, there is a trading market of its own. Equipment and items obtained in the game can be traded freely. and can also trade across servers No need to spend a single baht

Magic World : โลกลัทธิมาร

Together with your soul mate
In the devil’s world, you may meet your soul mate at any time. Fight with your partner in the dungeon. Send flowers to increase intimacy and enter the wedding ceremony. Let’s enjoy the romance of this life.

Magic World : โลกลัทธิมาร

People flood the surf
In this world of devils, experts gathered together. Get ready for a war for supremacy in this devilish world.

Magic World : โลกลัทธิมาร

New Companion System
In the devil world, there are powerful gods. Lovely slaves and lots of adorable babies that will help make your power stronger to the next level

Available: Google Play / App Store – Thai

Magic World : โลกลัทธิมาร

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