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Magical War

Official Launch – EU, NA + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Magical War

“Magical War” is a unique SLG game, the background of the game is based on the theme of magical stories. Embark on a magical journey with SLG game fans, lead your team deep into ancient deserts and ruins, and compete with all forces.

Innovative battle, different from others

Innovative battle mode, real-time online battle ranking, full-screen AOE battle special effects, exciting gameplay.

Magical War

Free idle, free your hands

Automatically push pictures, there will be high rewards every day offline, and experience the coolness of the game.

Cultivate heroes, level resonance

As long as you cultivate a few heroes, you can share the level, do not waste resources to feed the team, and enjoy the combat experience of different lineups.

Magical War

Multiplayer social interaction, friend guild

Experience the guild mode, where multiple people socialize to fight together, fight side by side with friends, and experience the fun.

Magical War

Multiple camps, skill combinations

A variety of camp collocations and a large number of skill combinations allow you to flexibly match the lineup on the field, restrain each other, and make up for low combat power through operations.

Magical War

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