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1.2 billion yen was invested in the project!

The description of MAGICAMI

The long-awaited discovery has happened!
GRIPHONE announces the launch of the RPG MAGICAMI.The game, which boasts the largest manufacturing value in the history of PC gaming, is now available as a smartphone app!

Stylish visual effects and background music that overturn the traditional game concept for beautiful girls, and an easy game with an automatic battle function!

Enjoy the powerful three-dimensional battle of 12 magical girls, the main scenario where mystery and shock intersect, and a variable dressing function!

If you are tired of the futsu smartphone game, you cannot miss the plot and production, which could only be drawn in the original Bishoujo game!


Do you believe in endless possibilities?
The world of “opportunity”, the story of a magical girl and her daughter

“Use the magic girls to defeat the devil.”
I can’t remember anything about the words of a mysterious girl named Kamisaman.

With many puzzles, there was no way but to obey the words.


Days of magic and battle are suddenly visited by girls who were “normal girls.”
I was confused by the “potentials” that I had never known before, but I hoped that I could move forward.

But once the hero knew.
What is meant by defeat. The “potential” of despair.

And he understood.
That I was the one who involved them
I can only save myself from there.


What do their eyes see and what do their hands choose?

Let’s start.
The story of “potential” is full of despair and hope.


Combat system
Take 12 magic girls to defeat the enemy and prevent the world from collapsing!

Because it’s a familiar turn-based team battle
Simple and deep deck creation that you can enjoy!


If you combine the skills hidden in a dress,
“Victory from the first move” “Counterattack of Kendamo” “Pros are closed”

In addition, the dress has a unique ability with items of equipment!

Can be obtained from many options.
“Strategy” = “opportunity” is really endless!
Have a nice bargain with your unique strategy!

A theme song and a song inserted into the game are responsible for the popular idol group GANGPARADE, owned by WACK, led by producer Junnosuke Watanabe!
In addition, in-game background music, including the aforementioned songs, is all produced by SCRAMBLES led by Kenta Matsukuma!
Rock and pop songs speed up the world of “magic”!

Other recommended items
・ In the quest battle, the “automatic battle function” and “automatic circle function” are included! For a normal workout, play automatically and comfortably!
-The fall of the solo quest “Babylon of the Demon”! Destroy the enemies lined up in a line and climb to the top!

A huge devil to defeat the Black Five team! Consult the strategy and break the record!
The battle of battle is inevitable, the interpersonal battle of Sabat! Capture and meet enemies with your own powerful strategy!

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