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Magu Magu 2020 (Kr)

Official Launch Google Play+Apk

The description of Magu Magu 2020(마구마구 2020)

Mobile No.1 baseball game, Magu Mag 2020
The nation’s baseball game is completed on mobile! Now let’s put’harness’ on mobile!

마구마구 2020

Game introduction
Attack and defense are fun baseball games!
Fierce psychological warfare through hitting a hit!
Run fast through batters!
Dynamic jump and sliding catch~
Enjoy a fun baseball game with both attack and defense!

마구마구 2020

Stop playing baseball games that have been repeated only for singles!
No boring homework!
Introduced’Auto Play’, where the game takes place even without access!
My team is getting stronger with the goods that don’t have to be played.

마구마구 2020

Short but exciting real-time battle!
Short and easy with 3 inning play~
But the play is intense and thrilling~
Show off your skills to the fullest with’Real-time War’!

마구마구 2020

Buy and sell as you like! Transfer Center!
Draw NO~! Auction NO~!
Transfer center system that allows free transactions between users!
Now buy and sell your own way, create your own unique team~!

마구마구 2020
마구마구 2020
마구마구 2020

Enjoy more fun with the season! Live card!
Go to the baseball you just watched!
A’live card’ whose stats change according to the season performance
Predict and analyze player stats, and enjoy professional baseball and “Magumagu 2020” more fun!

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community.
마구마구 2020
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