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Maniac M

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 매니악M (by Eskyfun Entertainment)

Game Story
From the perspective of maniacs, the world is no longer filled with superficial order and reason, but is full of chaos, contradiction, and uncertainty. Whenever the Blood Moon rises, the sky is dominated by a deep red moon. This moon not only lights up the night sky, but also brings profound changes to the world.

Game introduction
Blood Moon world premiere
In the deep, pitch-black night, only the bloody moonlight answers your call.
Be reborn on the Dark Continent and begin a new journey.


Unique Maniac job system for the new era
Unique career choices enrich your gaming experience.
A new concept of career change that breaks the constraints of traditional thinking!


The enjoyment of more intense large-scale battles
Invite a partner you trust and can rely on.
The most thrilling BOSS battle experience at your fingertips!


Take 100 million diamonds however you want
Even the smallest dungeon has great rewards.
Satisfy your treasure hunting experience with ultra-high drop rates!


Open world under the blood moon
Explore unexplored lands
Experience a truly unlimited, high-freedom adventure!

Light mode for modern people
Rejecting complicated rules is the best gospel for office workers.
Even in the middle of the night, we automatically help you hunt to maintain competition!

Available: Google Play / App Store – South Korea


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