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Martial Sword: Legend of Eternal Love (TH)

Official Launch(OBT) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Open Game OBT, March 23

The description of Martial Sword:ตำนานรักนิรันดร์ (by Winway Game)

Prang Kannaran Wongkajornclai (Prang) has an eternal love destiny with the Battle Sword: Legend of Eternal Love game, though thousands of years separate ancient times and the present. Prang Kannaran Wong Far (prang) is able to overcome the time limit. until he finally met the one who once protected life Let’s continue the relationship from a past life. And you?
“Battle Sword: Legend of Eternal Love”, a mystical mobile MMORPG with a variety of exciting gameplay. Smooth and exciting battles are waiting for you in this world of gods with HD images. able to roam the battlefield with pleasure

Recommended Star
Khun Prang volunteered to be the guide. Explain the gameplay for beginners. with the sweet voice of Khun Prang A new colorful look has been added to the game.

Martial Sword:ตำนานรักนิรันดร์

Different gameplay
Cultivate the arena, break through the dungeons, create, unite, love, have fun… meet the world of magical gods, compete in various PVP battles, group battles, cross-feed battles. The guarantee that you will have more combat experience. can create a party in his kingdom

Martial Sword:ตำนานรักนิรันดร์

Function System
Want to defeat competitors, will not do without ghostly beads, lotus flowers, divine warriors. Definitely not. various career changes can break through their abilities to help unlock more gameplay and skills. Catch pets with different characteristics. Helping to increase their combat ability to a higher level.

Martial Sword:ตำนานรักนิรันดร์

fashion dress
You can customize your own character however you like. It depends on your personal preferences. Sit and ride with cool and chic beasts that will make you roam the underworld.

Wai Kru to master skills. Learning strategy and philosophy of life with older seniors, becoming boyfriends, getting married, cherishing love until it crystallizes. overcome obstacles together, get acquainted with the beautiful world, freely exchange items with other players.

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Martial Sword:ตำนานรักนิรันดร์
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