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Matching Tower

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Matching Tower (by Outact Inc)

Welcome to the most inspiring Matching game ever! Enter the world of Matching Tower, where you’ll help Marilyn restart her life and renovate her childhood home into a tower of dreams and independence!

BOOM! Enormous FUN! Match 3 or more tiles to create explosions. Collect stars and coins to elevate the tower and unlock amazing storylines. Come and join us! Marilyn and her friends are here waiting for you. Make the women’s businesses flourish!

Unique features:

1. Interesting gameplay: BLAST! BOOM! Help Marilyn and her girlfriends develop their businesses and realize their dreams by matching elements and exploding all obstacles to earn shining stars.

Matching Tower

2. Fascinating stories: With distinct characters coming together, what dynamic sparks will fly between them? Come and explore their past and create future stories together.

3. Beautiful skyscraper: Each floor reveals a dream. Renovate the old house and unlock new levels to reach the sky!

Matching Tower

4. Customized design: Be the decision maker in the house! Choose your favorite furniture, and add your personal touch by customizing the decor.

5. United community: With the goal of helping those in need gain a new lease on life, each step you take is a powerful gesture to restore joy the lives of your girlfriends.

Matching Tower
Matching Tower

Matching tower is a fun family game with inspiring storylines. Players will find power and strength from the growth of the main characters and endless fun from the amazing gameplay.

Matching Tower
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