Max Heroes – Afk RPG Idle Game

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The description of Max Heroes

Odin crossed through the misty forest to see the prophet Mimir, paying the price of his right eye for the chance to glimpse into the future by drinking from The Fountain of Wisdom.

Max Heroes - Afk RPG Idle Game

Upon seeing it, he learned that the days of the gods’ domain over the earth and heavens would soon come to an end. Thus, in order to find a way of overcoming this damning fate that lay before him, Odin built the hall of heroes——Valhalla.

Max Heroes - Afk RPG Idle Game

He recruited countless souls of brave warriors, providing them with food, drink and rigorous training. Fighting against those who posed a threat to him as he waited for Ragnarok to befall the world……

Max Heroes - Afk RPG Idle Game

1. AFK Game:
No complicated gestures or strategies needed. Grow and Train a powerful squad without all the grinding. Let your army of heroes fight and amass riches for you.
2. System:
Play at your own pace without time restrictions or deadlines.Upgrade your heroes and enjoy new costumes & armor to strengthen your team to victory!
3. Idle Heroes: 
Boasting over 200 heroes across six different factions, collect new heroes along your quest!
4. Guild Arena:
Forge alliances with other players you meet and take on an array of dangerous opponents together! Join multiplayer guild boss-battles and lead your guild to supremacy!
5. Strategize:
Put forth your best heroes to do battle in the Arena. Get more out of heroic unions and factional bonuses as they play to your advantage and allow you to turn the tide of battles at your fingertips

Max Heroes – Afk RPG Idle Game Gameplay Android | New Game
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Status: Official Launch
Max Heroes – Afk RPG Idle Game Gameplay Android | New Game
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