MCity Metaverse: Play & Earn

Official Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of MCity Metaverse (by M-city)

Social Gaming Center for multiple players
A metaverse playground, where you can play with each-other and discover
a new world. Social earning and enjoy real-life with your phone.


In MCity, you can buy your own Houses and make profits from them. House owners will become the VIP citizens and have access to exclusive features and benefits while experiencing the whole new Metaverse of M-City!

Make Earnings

MCity Metaverse: Play & Earn

Chatting, playing, dating or running a business… Whatever you do, you can earn cryptocurrency from it! Having fun is great, but what about starting your own business and earning some profit while playing a game?


MCity will be a pioneer in the application of metaverse by incorporating the latest first-person visual perspective via virtual reality technology, in order to enhance the players’ experience and help them further enjoy surreal emotions when participating in in-game activities.

MCity Metaverse: Play & Earn

Virtual tour & estates

Traveling and visiting other countries or cities around the world via a VR device does not appear to be a bad idea. For the most realistic experience, MCity integrates a real-world real estate model into the virtual world.

MCity Metaverse: Play & Earn

Community Activities

For players, MCity has a variety of activities that foster a sense of community. It’s not just a game in which you play alone in a large dimension. Players are encouraged and required to collaborate with each other in order to complete certain game objectives.


Various of emotes, dances; voice chat, video chat and much more to relax – you can also join in more in-game life activities as well as they exist in the real world!

MCity Metaverse: Play & Earn


While playing MCity, try out some of the minigames. When you play the games, you can earn valuable rewards that you can use to buy items or participate in other activities around the town!

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