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#Me: 3D Avatar Meet & Play

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of #Me: 3D Avatar Meet & Play (by CloverGames)

Could you define yourself with just one word? Maybe not. One can have many colors, and Estrella is a place where you can show them all. A breathtaking adventure awaits you!

Unique experiences in a new virtual world
You can be anything you imagine. Have you ever wanted to be a creator, model, or even a knight? You can experience all of these here in #Me!
Allow yourself to experiment with any hair color or fashion style that you have always wanted to try! Walk with confidence on the runway and show everyone what you’ve got as a model!

#Me: 3D Avatar Meet & Play

Go on an adventure like no other
Experience Astell through a unique story involving you
When you are feeling the groove, express it with different dance moves and expressions!
Issues present in reality are here in #Me too?! Help the residents solve their problems!
Help out with residents’ requests, and have fun playing games. You might be able to discover a hidden talent which you never knew existed!

#Me: 3D Avatar Meet & Play

Make new friends
What are your interests? Personalize your profile and meet new friends with the same passion here in #Me.
Interact with Astell’s residents, share daily photos and hang out with your friends. Expand your social network in our universe!

#Me: 3D Avatar Meet & Play

Be an influencer
Various contests are held in #Me every weekend. Win a contest and enjoy benefits that no one else can get!
Are you great at taking photos? Or have you received compliments for your great fashion style? Unleash your skills here!
Gain popularity through different activities and have all eyes on you—you might become popular without you even knowing!

Be who you always wanted to be in #Me.
Ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Your adventure starts today!

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#Me: 3D Avatar Meet & Play
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