Mecha Attack

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Mecha Attack (by BLACKBOX STUDIOS)

Fight against the Mechas that have appeared and taken over the land, team up with your friends and play both offline and online in Mecha Attack!

Use a variety of weapons from Guns, Blades and bows! Fight in both close range or aim down your sights and take out the enemy from a distance! (Mecha Attack is a third person shooter if using a non-melee character!)

Traverse the land with both vehicles and your special grapple hooks boosters which allow you to reach greater heights!

Mecha Attack is an RPG where you collect different characters which have their own set of abilities and weapons, level up your characters and save the planets you encounter!

Customize your own hub ship, make it your own and select which planet you wish to explore and level up on!


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