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Mecha Warfare – NFT

Official Launch Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Mecha Warfare (by Mechaverse)

The Number 1 MECHA game of early 2023 – MECHA WARFARE will immerse you in the world of ROBOT, MECHA in a way that no other game can!
MECHA WARFARE is the first Turn-Based PWE Game on the NEMO Platform. It takes inspiration from Robot – Mecha from the most popular franchises like Gundam, Transformers…

Mecha Warfare - NFT

MECHA WARFARE will transport it is players to a world where the Robots – Mecha ruled the world. And battles between different Robot-Mecha forces that will send shockwaves on a Galactic Scale. Where the human race is insignificant, and most are just looking for ways to live day by day.

Mecha Warfare - NFT

MECHA WARFARE, like many Turn-base games, always prioritizes strategy and with a multitude of Robots – Mechas, each has different combat styles and strengths. The game also has an extremely engaging PvP and PvE features that will guarantee to give players a great experience!

Mecha Warfare - NFT

1. 50+ Mecha with diverse play styles
Mecha Warfare has a large collection of more than 50+ Mechas, each with different play styles and strengths. New Mechas will be continuously updated in the future. This gives players a chance to build and customize their line-up with infinite possibilities. This will guarantee to bring player’s tactical, strategic and unexpected battles

2. PVP – The pinnacle of strategy
Like other Turn-Based game, Mecha Warfare’s tactics are endless thanks to it’s system that allows player’s customization of their Mecha formations. Not only so, but the game’s PvP is also elevated to a higher level with many special modes with different modifier, unique only to Mecha Warfare.

3. Various activities with attractive rewards
The activities and features in Mecha Warfare are extremely diverse. But we know, diversity may not be enough for you, the players. Therefore, the reward system that is integrated into the activities are extremely fine-tuned and will make players crave for more, especially with veteran players. The secret of Mecha Warfare’s extreme rewards system is waiting for you to discover. It will definitely surprise you and may even exceed your expectations.

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Mecha Warfare - NFT
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