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Medieval Kingdom Wars (DE)

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Medieval Kingdom Wars (by CWGames)

Fight for a kingdom

Swear allegiance to a king in the War of Kings and fight for the kingdom of Ruenna, Varagos or Asgador.

Build, develop and expand your village

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Continually develop your village and build a thriving economy and a strong military. Let your engineers develop new technologies in the laboratory and prepare for future battles. Set up outposts that will warn you of enemy attacks in advance. Create a sanctuary and use it to strengthen your morale. Manage your limited resources wisely.

Lead powerful medieval combat troops

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Spy on enemy villages before the battle to devise an optimal attack strategy. Use heavy siege weapons in combination with elite soldiers and a commander to carry out a devastating attack on an enemy village or use cavalry, archers and infantrymen for a quick raid. Decide for yourself whether your troops should completely destroy the enemy village or whether you are only interested in the raw materials.

Join an order

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Do not face your enemies alone. Join an order and use its skills. Hire thieves to steal raw materials for you at night or send alchemists to poison the fields of enemy villages. Let assassins fight for you and use the trade relations of the merchant order.

Control strategic goals

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Conquer strategically relevant neutral buildings to gain an advantage for you and your kingdom.

Medieval Kingdom Wars is available for browsers via WebGL and mobile devices.

• Free to play, no in-game currency!
• Build villages with 17 different economic and military buildings.
• Send 16 different types of units into battle and destroy the villages of your enemies.
• There are over 14 different types of research available to improve your soldiers and your villages.
• Select two medals and gain access to various elite units.
• Play on your smartphone or your browser.
• Use the same account for all of your devices.

Medieval Kingdom Wars

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