Meet You – Fancy Love

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The description of Meet You – Fancy Love (by More2Game Ltd.)

A mysterious fire ended your glamorous life…
Maybe it’s your desire to figure out the conspiracy behind the fire or your sincere prayer that God gives you the second chance at life.

Meet You - Fancy Love

When you wake up, you, a former top star, are reborn as a young model. Rising from the ashes, now you are coming back!
Again, struggling in the entertainment world full of intrigues and dangers, you feel familiar but also strange, and you are well aware of how much dark times you would have to go through to become a bright star.

Meet You - Fancy Love

But this time, you are no longer alone as you have friends and partners who give you enormous help. And the four men, what kind of romantic entanglement will you have?

Meet You - Fancy Love

The past will be unfolded, and the truth, is waiting for you to discover.

Meet You - Fancy Love

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