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Mega Godddss: Eternal War

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Mega Godddss (by waleneqi)

“Mega Goddess” is a brand-new 3D card-based strategy masterpiece. Players will play the role of warrior, summon the holy grail warrior, use the suitable hero combinations and combat strategies to rescue Vagray and repel the evil god . Abundant Sino-Western myths and historical characters, remarkable game content and detailed character illustrations will bring you an unprecedented epic gaming experience.

“Mega Goddess”-World Class 3D Illustration

High-quality illustration and magnificent battle scenes. The profound world view, varity battle scenes and mind-blowing visual effects combined with super real-life hitfeel will bring you the most perfect gaming experience.

Mega Godddss: Eternal War

“Mega Goddess”-Strategic Gameplay and MORE

You could not only experience the various combinations of traditional strategy games, but also experience PVE and PVP modes of varying difficulty. You should use flexible team

Mega Godddss: Eternal War

“Mega Goddess”-Make your own team

With the multiple choices of the goddesses, gorgeous equipment and character combinations. You can customize your own combat strategies, use attribute restraint and make up your own skill formula, maximize your own talent avoid the weaknesses to defeat the strong with the weak.

Mega Godddss: Eternal War

“Mega Goddess”-Multi-player Ultimate Glory

Players will enhance the strength of the goddess and form a union with players all over the world to deal with different challenges. On the road to save the Atlantis you will not be alone. Warriors, take up your weapons and gather around to defend the last glory of this world.

Mega Godddss: Eternal War
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Mega Godddss: Eternal War
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