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Melbits World – SEA

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Melbits World (by AKG Games)

Join the fantasy of Melbits World – a 3D puzzle-platformer video game – with 6 different worlds, many challenging levels and crazy power-ups! Collect all of the 6 rune stones and help them back home!

– 72 unique levels with unique traps and mechanics!
– 6 different themed worlds!
– Customize your Melbits!
– Complete the challenge by collecting all of the seeds in each level
– Simple touch control with different well designed virtual buttons

Melbits World - SEA
Melbits World - SEA
Melbits World - SEA
Melbits World - SEA

So, What are Melbits?
Melbits are cheerful creatures who live inside your phones… Melbits’ mission is to spread the Internet’s good vibes. Melbits neutralize the evil glitches that cause everything in the digital world to become malfunction. Help them through 72 challenging levels to restore balance on the world wide web!

Melbits World - SEA
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