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Memoria Dream Traveler and Twin Guide

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of メモリア 夢の旅人と双子の案内人(by DwarfWorks)

et’s explore various worlds with cute twin guides in search of lost memories!

Thinking-type fully automatic RPG that builds and challenges your own strategy
Challenge the quest by identifying the characteristics and various individualities of the unit in terms of attributes, races, and roles.
Build your own strategy for “when, where and who” for the 3-line field and the placement of enemies!
Strengthen the unit with the materials obtained as a reward, challenge even stronger enemies, and aim for heights!

メモリア 夢の旅人と双子の案内人

Characters with rich individuality have appeared!
A carefree hero who loves Mofumofu, a mermaid princess who aims to be a fascinating idol,
A young lion longing for the best warrior in the meadow, a demon of fire that gives power to the king
Galaxy Ichi fighting rogues in the universe ☆ Including cute agents
Characters with plenty of charm are appearing one after another!

メモリア 夢の旅人と双子の案内人

The story begins to move based on the memory drifting town “” Coral “”
Yura, a boy who lost his memory, is in the center of the universe, Coral.
Guided by a mysterious twin guide, I decided to go on an exploration trip around the record.
After encounters in many worlds, records turn into new memories.
The story that is engraved in the memory is now moving.

メモリア 夢の旅人と双子の案内人

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メモリア 夢の旅人と双子の案内人
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