Meow : King Knights (Kr)

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The description of Meow : King Knights

All of the King’s 10 Knights
Fight with 10 knights of the legendary king, collect more heroes with more strategy combinations and higher strategy!

Meow : King Knights

If there is no vehicle, how can you call it a knight?
Travel through the world of Camelot on horses you have nurtured and dominate the battlefield. No one can stop you. Victory is yours!

Meow : King Knights

Freedom is a true knight’s path
A unique strategy turn-based RPG, free combination composition equipped with flame attribute equipment, defense or speed? You can choose freely.

Meow : King Knights

The soul of RPG is a story!
Perfect background, 72 main stories, 9 world dungeon dungeons, secret connections between characters, a story like a fantasy novel!

Friends are not machines that give love. It’s a lifelong friend!
Transcend the RPG friend system, invite 4 friends and create your own strongest knights according to the attributes of the enemy.

Is there a turn system kerma system? Over 200,000 combinations and replicas are rejected! Conversation setting system, say everything you want to say!

Story background
An exciting story that takes place in the world of Camelot, ruled by the Emperor Cat, the world divided into five main castles, Knights Castle Lancelot-Garon Castle, Sandcastle Castle, Magic Castle Eden, Steel and Fire Remorse Castle, and Pera King’s Emperor Sasim Castle Seongju The rebellion of the world is overwhelmed by war. Become a new knight and collaborate with the villagers to defeat monsters and settle wars around the world to regain the lost land. Furthermore, you have to know yourself. Unravel your own secrets to solve all your questions.

Meow : King Knights
Morroc & Bean

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