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Mercenary Alliance: Pixel RPG

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mercenary Alliance: Pixel RPG (by Gameduo)

Save the world from the great darkness.

The darkness from the unknown universe devoured the world.
The gods and their soldiers could not defeat the darkness with all their power.
Then, the god of time used the forbidden magic, putting all time and space together to summon heroes from history.


Now, the final battle of the heroes begin.

Charms of pixel art to your heart’s content!
Cute characters and spectacular action! Enjoy the charms of pixel art to the fullest!


Easy control and fast growth!
The simple control lets you play anywhere, at anytime! Grow even when you’re idle!


Tons of contents to play!
From guard stones to runes, from dungeons to guilds! There are endless contents to enjoy!

Available: Google Play – SG

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