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MERCS – Cyber strike arena

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of MERCS (by Developers Unknown)

Breaking news for all fps shooter genre admirers and action brawlers lovers! Embrace yourself for rocking contests of modern cyber war. The bullets are whizzing, the fans are yelling – mercs of all stripes are clashing at the cyber arena for fame and glory!
Ageing veterans of the mouldy armies and outdated secret agencies, all these relics at once, nanotech freaks, martial arts adepts and just regular adventurers with nerves of steel – who your choice will fall on? Listen to the call of your merc’s duty and plunge into the fury battlefield! Everyone needs likes and adrenaline rush, huh? The contestants are here to fight for rankings and fan’s attention! You’re challenged to win, are you skilled enough to be a legend in this warfare?

Mercs 2049 is an extremely immersing online multiplayer shooter & brawler for mobile platforms. It has nextgen 3D graphics and fascinating battle characters, everyone with its own skills and perks!

Mercs is a free to play game of console quality optimized especially for your mobile device! Enjoy the amazing 3D graphics along with the intuitive control: it’s easy to get into the game and manage the battle!

MERCS - Cyber strike arena. Multiplayer shooter!

Would you rather choose Crystal to kill the enemies with just one shot of her Big Gun or a Scottish pal McLoud with his Precious (yeah, it’s the name of a gun!)? Or maybe Puff the healer is the nearest thing to your heart – ‘cause as long as she keeps you alive does it matter what’s on her mind?
Choose your character in the cyber arena – and build your own strategy for all the games!

MERCS - Cyber strike arena. Multiplayer shooter!

Games like Mercs 2049 are easy to master both for newcomers and genre legends. Master your own game style by taking advantage of comfortable movement, autofire and switchable aim assist!

MERCS - Cyber strike arena. Multiplayer shooter!

Only free online PvP games, only hardcore! Play with friends and join the squad – or play against them! Challenge thousands of mercs all over the world on the cyber arena and beat them all!

MERCS - Cyber strike arena. Multiplayer shooter!

The variety of skins not only for the characters, but also for their weapons (ah, McLoud’s Precious!) allows you to create fantastic looks and bring the audience’s attention. Your character creates your reality. You are absolutely free to choose your own style! That’s the way it goes!

MERCS - Cyber strike arena. Multiplayer shooter!

Every win increases your rank, the quantity of the rewards and the loot in the chests as well. Being a winner is not only prestigious, but also profitable! Can any of the free online games you’ve ever played offer you the same?

MERCS - Cyber strike arena. Multiplayer shooter!

Get the highest rank and grab as many rewards as you can! You deserve all the glory of the world for sure! Follow your destiny, bold warrior!

The Corporation will provide the players with new locations, characters, skins, modes and special events in the nearest futures. Watch out for those!

MERCS - Cyber strike arena. Multiplayer shooter!
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