Merge-Alice’s Wonder Adventure

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Merge-Alice’s Wonder Adventure (by Discovery Games)

This is an island full of magic. On this mist-covered island, there live characters from well-known fairy tales, however, now they are sleeping in the mist waiting for your rescue. Rescuing them requires completing tasks and unlocking higher-level items by merging 3 identical items. Shhh, secretly telling you, if you merge 5, you can get 2!

Merge-Alice's Wonder Adventure

Congratulations! You rescued the first character. Now you can send her to make food to feed Alice, who will give you the magic wand needed to dispel the fog. As fog dissipates, the true appearance of the island slowly emerges, the rest of the journey will be more difficult. Don’t worry, your friends on the island will use their wisdom to help you.

Merge-Alice's Wonder Adventure

We have prepared a variety of themed activities, such as seasonal activities, for you to explore. Participating in the event to win extra coins, diamonds or special decorations, there are always new things waiting for you to discover!
If you’re a collector, you can’t miss this game, with hundreds of items waiting to be activated and collect. Invite friends and family to play our game and see who can collect the most items!

Merge-Alice's Wonder Adventure
Merge-Alice's Wonder Adventure

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