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Merge City – Building Simulation Game

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Merge City (by Town’s End Studios LLC)

Are you ready for a brand new city building game? Become a city mayor!
Build your dream city, merge houses and buildings to grow your city, and interact with the community! If you love city building games, you’ll want to check this out!

Merge City - Building Simulation Game
Merge City - Building Simulation Game

BUILD & MERGE 4 TYPES OF BUILDINGS – homes, shops, factories, and offices, all linked together by roads. Build your dream city and run it too! You’ll be the city’s mayor, build it and grow it upward!
COLLECT SPECIAL BUILDINGS – like the Fire Station and Bank, amenities like Wildlife Parks and Floral Gardens, and special architecture like Premium Homes and World Wonders!
UNLOCK REAL WORLD MONUMENTS – add them to your city to make it iconic!
DESIGN YOUR CITY – you’ll be in charge of your city’s unique destiny. Since the game is using real simulation and tons of creative options, no two cities will ever look the same! Your city will be visited by other mayors (real players) so make it a good one!
BUILD A COMMUNITY – collect Hero citizens to populate your city, perform special actions, and earn you coins.
KEEP THE TAXES FLOWING – each merge action costs coins, but your citizens are automatically working to bring you more coins all the time.
VISIT NEIGHBORING CITIES and host in your hometown – get a visible sense of community by visiting other players.
PLAY EXCLUSIVE MINI GAMES at colossal attractions – and enjoy attractions built by other Merge City players from around the world, too!
These huge entertainment complexes, like Football Stadiums and Coaster Parks, contain unique bite-sized gameplay that can be upgraded and customized, inspiring your virtual citizens and enticing other players to visit your city.
Complete mini games for extra progress!
Find Critters in the wilderness surrounding your city and invite them into your city parks to live in!

Merge City - Building Simulation Game
Merge City - Building Simulation Game

Real World monuments and city simulation game
Merge City is a real city builder and simulation game – unlock these iconic monuments and add them to your city: Eiffel Tower, Washington Monument, Big Ben, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Hagia Sophia, Central Park, Air Force Academy Cathedral, and Notre Dame!
Now you can build a lot more than you’ve ever imagined! This city building simulation game offers a surprising selection of real world buildings and activities. Collect unique buildings, urban amenities, special architecture, and World Wonders!
Once you build it and collect your Hero citizens, your city will be vibrant and alive, making Merge City one of the most exciting merge games you’ll ever play!

Merge City - Building Simulation Game
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